Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This morning our agent rang to tell us that the dream-come-true contract we had on our house, the one that he was so confident of it going through (yep it ticked all the boxes) fell through at the 11th hour (literally). At 8pm all was well with the purchasers and at 11pm they faxed through their cooling off notice.

We are shocked and disppointed to say the least.

I saw the chiro today and I have definitely injured my left side neck/shoulder area. He has treated it and I have better mobility so now it'll be a couple of days of ice and rest and it should be all good. That reminds me ... get the ice going.

Then to round off this pisser of a day my son got a gushing blood nose at school. They called me as I was looking for a carpark and asked me to collect him from the sick bay where the nurse was treating him. Poor bugger. When I arrived his head was buried in ice packs and he was covered in blood with a big bucket of bloodied tissues next to him. It took anotheer 15 minutes for it to stop enough so we could go and then it trickled slowly for another hour so all up it was an hour and a half bleed.

Needless to say all day I have battled the urge to comfort myself with crappy food. I feel like I'm hanging on by my nails but I havent slipped. Lord give me strength to stay strong.



Kristy said...

You can do it Magda, you can stay strong. Just find something you really enjoy that is still on plan to eat.

Really sorry to hear that your contract fell through. That would be so frustrating.

Magda said...

Yep made it through the day ok and did just as you suggested. This afternoon I had a Slim Secrets bar while out and about and it hit the spot.

The contract business is a lot more difficult to handle but something thats totally out of our control.