Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As I was walking to my car (parked on the other side of the city) after work today I went over the day's events in my mind and I realised that the BEST part of my day was when I was out jogging in the cold, dark morning at 5.15am. OMG what is becoming of me???!!

Yes work was somewhat on the crappy side again and meeting WH to go home together, he took one look at me and said "I can see you're tired". That'd be an affirmative, partner. I was washed out! At times like this there is a real temptation to order a large pizza with the lot some garlic bread to go with it , crack a nice bottle of Pepperjack and surrender to the evil forces (aka Inner Fat Girl, Inner Lazy Lucy and the Binge Monster).

But when we got home I got cracking in the kitchen and made pasta for hubbie (thank goodness for ready made agnolettis and bottled sauce) and cooked up a wokful of veges and added pre-prepared chicken for me. Then time is spent preparing lunches for the next day or I know I'll end up at the cafe ordering a massive toasted foccacia with chicken, cheese, avocado and not a vegetable in sight. Plus I get everything ready for my breakfast and soak my oats overnight so they cook really quickly in the morning. Yep all that prep takes quite a bit of time but its a case of "just do it".

So it was 8.15 when I put my workout gear on and knocked off my shoulders / arms training session with somewhat less than 100% enthusiasm. But I figure its better to do it regardless cause skipping it is worse. One training session tomorrow and then I'm done for the week.

Oh and just to add to my "woe is me post", today I have killer DOMS in my abs so now I'm covered from top (tris) to middle (abs) to the bottom (calves). YOWSER!!

Good night all



Kristy said...

I found that the secret to success is preparation. Great job on not taking the easy road. I have considered how easy it would be to get takeaway, but it doesn't make us feel good.

Your doing great with your weights... Ouch on the DOMS, hope it goes away soon

Magda said...

Absolutely right Kristy. If I'd given in to the urge for the easy way out, I would have felt SO much worse after. Thats one for staying strong!!



Alicia said...

Haha I'm nodding my head in agreement to this! Some days I just want to say 'stuff it' and sit on the couch eating crap, but I know once I get into the swing of things, its much easier :) xoxo

Magda said...

Hey Alicia,

nice to hear from you again. Hope all is going well.