Saturday, August 01, 2009


Things have been moving well on the house front. We have selected the plan for our new house and on Friday morning we do all of our selections. Contract signing comes soon after that and we'll know our start and finish dates (which are guaranteed).

Our home is now on the market so we are living in permanent declutter, tidiness, cleanliness and sterility. Its been a week or so and we are already over it. In fact last weekend we spent all of Saturday and then Sunday morning just preparing the place for groups to come through on Sunday afternoon. In the 3 years we've lived here the place has never seen such a thorough clean LOL. Fingers crossed that our agent chalks up a quick sale at an excellent price. Then we have the fun of moving into a rental property to look forward to....NOT!!!

In amongst all the agent meetings, preparing for opens, being out of the way for opens and everything else going on I havent let any of that be an excuse to eat crap. I may not have been 100% on plan but my variances were minor and controlled.

I absolutely love the fact that we are going to build our own home again. I love new houses and I love the fact that everything in them is exactly what you want, where you want it and how you want it. The only compromise is matching tastes to budgets but a happy medium isnt too hard to achieve there. However the new home comes at a price: disruption to our current very comfy lifestyle, another major move around the middle of next year, the financial drain of establishing it all and then settling into a new environment. I had big plans for next year but in reality I'm just gonna sit tight and see how things pan out.

Cheers all



Kerry W said...

Sounds like a plan Magda...GO FOR IT! So far so good!

Kristy said...

Wow selections are so much fun, but so many colour choices were confusing.

I can't wait to move into my place, so I know you must be really excited for them to get started on your place.

Great job on staying control... :)

Magda said...

Thanks Kerry, I'm tracking well and plan to keep going this way.

Hi Kristy, it wont be long now and you'll be in the throes of the move. SOOOOO EXCITING!! As for me, its about a year away (except for the rental in between).



Kek said...

Fingers crossed for a quick sale, Magda. I HATED having our house on the market, whinged constantly and stressed out about it - and it was only 10 days. LOL.

Keeping the place clean while living there was a nightmare...

Magda said...

Yep I'm hearing you Kek. I miss my mess and my son's room looks so sterile its awful. Cant wait til we can relax again.