Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I spent yesterday battling depression and today wasnt much better.

Why was I depressed?

Purely 100% work reasons. My colleagues are depressed, my boss is depressed and buying lipsticks to cheer herself up. Miss C has a new Country Road skirt because it was her "feel good" activity for the day. Putting together a works program is no fun when there is so little money.

So after lunch I took myself off to GJs and treated myself to a skim cappuccino and had a big piece of toasted banana bread with lashings of butter. Yummo. That was so nice that I decided to follow it with a friand and a muffin for good luck.....

. HA!! Fooled you!!

I did have the skim cappuccino and I did look at all the cakes and acknowledge how good they would taste but I was calm and in control and deep down I knew that I wouldnt have any. Previously I would have used the sweet food as a cheer-me-up and once I started I couldnt stop. My how things have changed.

So even though I was surrounded by depressing circumstances, ironically I was still happily content internally and I didnt need crappy food to cheer me up. I'm liking this way of thinking and this way of life.

:-) Magda


Kerry W said...

I'm liking your new way of thinking too Magda. It's great to be reading about your new way of life.

Esme said...

You almost fooled me, Magda, but not quite!!! Good on you. Ez

Kristy said...

Wow great job Magda. Almost fooled, but not quite!

Magda said...

Thanks Kerry. I'm much happier these days and its a welcome change.

Hey Esme and Kristy!! Just mucking around :-)