Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Did I mention that on Sunday I was looking for an excuse to get out of training and one of the excuses I contemplated was whether I had any aches or pains? Yeah well guess what??? Yep I've somehow hurt my neck. I have a really sore spot on the left side and I cant turn my head much to the left or tilt it back without some serious pain happening.

So this morning I pushed through my training as the moves I had for shoulders and abs were manageable but when I set out for my walk/jog the impact was not pleasant. Work was a struggle and I took the time to have a Chinese massage after work but it hasnt solved the problem. I have a chiro appointment booked for tomorrow so hopefully some magic can be worked there.

Needless to say I have not felt as fantastic as I intended to do this week.

Then as an added challenge, lunch was off plan today and I spent the afternoon battling with the Binge Monster who was insisting on a feed up today. He didnt get it but I can tell you some strong conversations were quietly going on. Anyways the good thing to come out of all this was that I worked out how to stay sociable and how to stay on plan when the standard menu is sadly lacking appropriately healthy options.

1. Ask for what you want (even if its not on the menu). Today's menu had a tuna salad (YUK!! I'd NEVER pay money for that) and I should have asked them to swap the tuna for some chicken or seafood.

2. Order a Diet Coke straight away so there is less pressure to have wine.

3. Portion control is a big challenge for me, especially if I'm eating out and the food is really nice. I've yet to work out some strategies to master this one so if anybody has any great suggestions that have worked for them, I'm all ears.

So a good learning exercise that I can put into practice next time and feel confident that I'm on track to achieve my goals.

Good night all



Kristy said...

I hope you are feeling better soon Magda. Fingers crossed the Chiro can fix you up

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy. Definitely have an injury in the neck / shoulder area so just easing off a bit for a little while.



Magda said...
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