Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hey guys I've had an awesome few days and I'm feeling great. Food has been really good even though lunch out with my SIL yesterday resulted in a chicken caeser salad (fatty dressing!!) as they had taken my favourite Meditteranean salad with cous cous and chicken off the menu. Not happy Jan but not stressing over it. I even managed a Friday night with one ... yes ONE glass of wine, NO nibbles and a 99% clean meal. My dearest other half was shocked at my level of restraint but did agree that last weekend I went somewhat overboard with the relaxed eating. (Thanks darling I know it too!!).

After my Friday sleep in and day off from training I'm really looking forward to my regular power walk on Saturday morning. Its one of my favourite exercise sessions as I head to our neighbouring suburb (where our new house will be) and walk around a couple of lakes and then back home. I love where we live and I love getting out in the fresh air, powering along, listening to my iPod shuffle. Aaaah bliss!!

My thoughts, feelings and disposition have been in a really positive place this week and my internal calmness and happiness have been consolidated further. Since I sorted out my binging issue I have felt a lot calmer and happy within myself and at times like this its driven home even further. I love my new life and I never want to let those destructive thoughts and habits take over again.

I've been on a fat loss mission for 6 weeks and I'd rate my progress as a C-. So my next challenge is to ramp things up a bit. I have a great nutrition plan that I like and that works well for me. My challenge is to stay true to it and true to myself. More "focus" and less "relaxing" will get me the results I want and I'm up for it.

Training is going to a new level so watch this space for my commentary .... if I survive to write about it LOL. On the one hand I'm quaking in my sneakers about it and on the other I'm really excited to see just what I'm capable of.

Headspace is where I'm going to dedicate more time as when I'm on a bit of a high as I am now I get all complacent about actively focussing on my goals. Then as the high starts to deflate so does my focus and determination and then its hello "wishy washy attitude". I have a plan to manage this better in future.

So this morning the MM rewarded my hard work with a beautiful 68.9 kgs and I was happy happy. Achieving sub 66 by 18 September (Melbourne trip with hubbie) is well within my reach AND I'M DOING IT.

Cheers all


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