Thursday, August 06, 2009


Its been a tough week and its not even over.

As you know, Monday was pretty awful at work. Nobody felt good and we were glad to see the end of the day. Tuesday improved and things moved up a notch with our house sale. We moved into the "seriously exciting" zone and kept eveything crossed.

Yesterday was another madly busy day at work. The list of things to do just kept getting longer and very little was getting croosed off. I had my hair cut again (even shorter - stay tuned for a photo) straight after work and then WOOHOO it was contract singing time on our house. Yes our legendary agent did what we thought was the impossible and we have a contract on our house. Great price. Great conditions. If we'd had the energy we would have celebrated last night but instead I spent the rest of the evening preparing meals for today.

Today has been fanstastic in the morning (I went on an excellent training course) and dreadful in the afternoon. I'm frazzled, drained and I'm battling the worst stomach cramps as I try to get my dose right for my new fibre supp. Man talk about Windy City in our household tonight!!

I've also battled the "lack of quality sleep syndrome" this week. Most nights I've slept but not deeply. You know that annoying type of sleep where you keep waking up, looking at the time and then realising that you can sleep some more. In the morning you wake up feeling like you've hardly slept (beacuse YOU'VE HARDLY SLEPT). Many times I just wanted to blow off my training but smartly talked myself out of it before I made such a bad decision.

Funnily enough my meals have been on plan (bar an extra couple of skim capps) and any thoughts of binging have been fleeting. So I might be tired, have a sore tummy, have a BAD case of wind, feel quite drained and low in energy but AT LEAST I DONT HATE MYSELF BECAUSE I TURNED TO FOOD TO DEAL WITH THESE ISSUES.

:-) M


Kristy said...

Sorry to hear you are having a tough week, but fantastic news about the house.

How great does it feel to not solve all our problems with food!

Kek said...

Wow, Magda - you are doing AWESOME.

Congrats on the house sale too. :o)

Magda said...

Hi Kristy. It does feels great.

Thanks Kek. Yep going STRONG!!