Monday, August 24, 2009


It was one of those days today.

Work was NOT good. Things looked pretty awful there for a while. My stomach was in knots and I was fretting about stuff.

Outside it was freezing cold and blustery. A true winter's day. I had to attend a meeting that was a 10 minute walk away and by the time I got there my feet were completely wet. I may as well have gone in thongs.

But this morning I smashed out a high intensity leg session and although it HURT it was AWESOME :-) So when my Inner Fat Girl started whispering about comfort food and how much better it'd make me feel, she was sent packing. I wasnt even close to giving in. Yes the plate of home made biscuits and cakes that was served at the wet-feet-meeting looked devine but I let the fat people eat them. I'm sure they dont want to be 3 kgs lighter in a little over 3 weeks time.

Here's to staying strong and true and ending the day on a high.

:-) Magda


Witchazel said...

Well done!!! I have to fight that every morning and afternoon tea and I just let the others eat the fat food and moan about their weight. Then later on they critise me for not eating it!!!You did great by not giving in especially when its cold & wet!

Kristy said...

Great job Magda, yesterday really was comfort food weather, but good on you for staying strong.

Magda said...

Thanks guys. It was SO miserable here and the temptation was there but so was my goal of achieving the sub 65 by Melbourne (18 Sep).