Sunday, August 02, 2009


What an awesome weekend but sadly its almost over. Geez they go so quick dont they?

On Friday night I went to my bestie's place for a Body Shop at Home party. She had 20 friends over (amazing her circle of friends) and at the end of the night she was buying out the catalogue either for free, 1/2 price or 20% off.

I spent most of Saturday out with my mum as a belated birthday celebration. I got up early and did my training and then picked her up and we headed to Westfield Marion. A skim cappuccino to start us off and a nice chinwag. Then a bit of shopping followed by lunch. We shared a medium woodoven pizza with chicken, bacon and veges. It was delicious and not too much. Oh and I couldnt resist getting us some lambrusco. Mum's not much of a drinker but she loved the lambrusco and it really got her talking. She's so funny after a glass of wine. A real chatter-box LOL. Then we watched My Sister's Keeper and had a good cry before heading off home.

In the evening WH and I conferred again about the house's external selections. We're going quite different from before (although its very much like our Queensland house) so some more talking and considering was in order.

Today I christened my new slow cooker and made an awesome coq au vin. I used chicken breasts and browned them in a heavy based pan with a lite spray of oil only so the dish was very low in fat (bar some lean well trimmed bacon). It tasted superb but was too watery so next time I'll know to not use as much liquid. I have quite a bit leftover and will enjoy it for some dinners with that lovely chicken stock / red wine flavour it cooked in.

The house sale is ramping up over the next 2 weeks as we have now gone to the market. That means no life. Every spare minute is spent tidying, cleaning and keeping the place sterile. With 2 opens on the weekend we'll be like aliens in our home - dont touch anything, dont move anything, dont create cooking smells etc etc. Man I just hope it pays off.

Well better toddle off to preapare for tomorrow. I have back and biceps followed by an interval cardio session. I love Monday mornings (until I get to work).

Cheers all


PS The Metal Monster rewarded me with a nice 1.2kg loss this week. He's my best friend right now :-)


Fifi Dangerfield said...

I wouldn't trust the MM. He can turn on you for no good reason! LOL!!!

Hope you get some great interest in the house!

Esme said...

Glad to see MM was as nice to you this week as he was to me. Es

Magda said...

I know Fifi. Thats why I said "right now". It may change in a week.

Geez we gotta score some wins Esme.

:-) Magda