Monday, August 10, 2009


I spent the weekend in a “I was such a good girl but I still didn’t get what I wanted for Christmas” mood. What a waste of time and energy and what a negative outlook that was. All I can say is “be careful as you might get what you wish for”. Wallowing in depressing negative thoughts will only attract more of the same and who wants that?

So today the “I’m grown up enough to know that sometimes you kick and sometimes you get kicked” girl has stepped in and logic and reason have prevailed. TOM arrived this morning and I understand that MM was just rolling out the welcome mat with his usual predictable increase. Add to that all the blaaah feelings and everything falls into place. This week will be a cracker because I choose to make it so.

I loved Kristy’s blog today about visualising. I do believe that it’s a powerful tool in helping you to achieve goals. So why haven’t I done it? I’ve read about it. I’ve had it suggested that I should do it. But I’ve been too busy wallowing in my MM minutiae misery to see past it and grasp the bigger picture.

So my goal this week is to visualise the amazing success that is about to take over my life.

In 6 weeks time I’ll be going to Melbourne wearing my size 11 jeans and my Prada T shirt. They will fit comfortably and I’ll be happy that I stuck to my program and was rewarded with great results.

As summer approaches I'll be showing off my lean and toned arms in lovely sleeveless tops and I'll feel proud that I worked so hard for them and they look so good.

When we go for our summer holiday I will wear a bikini and I'll feel good about myself. A good 6 months of eating well and training hard will give me the lean and toned body I desire.

I'm going to enjoy buying new clothes that are flattering and sexy. I'll be proud of my body and I'll enjoy showing it off.

Deep down I will be happy within myself because I honoured my body with good food and regular training and I did it consistently until it became a way of life.

Cheers all



Dawn said...

Now that's something to be proud of!

Kerry W said...

That's how you do it! Great stuff Magda! Your attitude just gets better and better. :-)

Kristy said...

Fantastic visualization Magda :)