Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My boss is away from work for 4 weeks so my normally busy schedule has been even busier. Its go, go, go from when I arrive til I leave but typically my stomach always reminds me of my 3 hourly feeds. Aaah they are such an enjoyable few minutes in my day.

Training today was a new abs program followed by a nifty little home cardio routine. I had to modify it a bit as 2 minute intervals between the bike and rower dont work because it takes about 30 seconds to change over and strap in properly for the row. So I did 2 minutes fast on the bike; change over to rower for 100 strokes then do a wide crossover step for 100 repeats on my crappy old Target brand step. It all worked a treat.

I feel like I'm getting leaner as my usual large size 10 pants are looser than normal. My nutrition has been pretty tight even over the weekend (well MUCH better than previously) and the training has been consistent and fairly intense. Oh and I have killer DOMS in my calves and my tris. Chest is a bit sore too but tris take the cake. I love getting DOMS as it always makes me feel like I've worked hard enough.

Well guys I'm hitting the sack early tonight and unless its pouring with rain at 5.15am tomorrow, I'll be heading out for a 40 minute jog. Am I crazy? Yep, I think so :-)




Kek said...

Crazy in a GOOD way, Magda. ;o)

Kerry W said...

I agree with Kek, Magda...Crazy is good...it's definitely a worthwhile aspiration. :P

Magda said...

Ok then GOOD crazy LOL!!