Friday, July 31, 2009


During July I celebrated another birthday, this one taking me closer to the 50s than the 40s. I’m ok with that though. Age is a number and I’ve been told many times that I look good (fit, healthy, good skin etc) that the number is irrelevant. I have days where I feel 26 and others where I feel 86 so the actual number is pffft.

Our family is BIG on celebrating birthdays. I had a dinner out with my husband where I ate oven-roasted quail with a fairly robustly flavoured risotto. I love both of the dishes so the combination was gastronomic heaven. No room for dessert that night. The following evening my bestie cooked a dinner for me and I shared all my holiday delights with her (my shopping). Another lovely meal with a small dessert and a few wines on both occasions.

A week later my mum cooked my favourite meal including my most favourite dessert (100% home-made vanilla slice). I have it once a year and its superb. For the first time I showed some restraint in my portions chalking up yet another success. Tomorrow mum and I are going out for the day. There will be shopping, a movie, coffee, lunch and a good chinwag. Its such a great day and I know that it wont result in a big pigout as has been the case previously.

In fact through all of these celebrations I have eaten well for all other meals, trained regularly and not allowed it to turn into another big eating-free-for-all. I’ve even lost a small amount of weight instead of gaining the usual 2-3 kgs of bloat (and about 1kg of scale weight) that accompanies such celebrations. Woohoo that’s another first for me and another run on the board.

The other thing that I’ve achieved which has eluded me for years is that today I have completed a binge-free month. Yes there has been no binging whatsoever this month and I’m pretty pleased with myself about it. Until now I’d start every month with the goal of not binging and I’d never make it past a few days. It was so debilitating and made me feel like such a failure so its great to finally kick that destructive habit out of my life.

So here’s to a great August continuing in the positive spirit of July. I hope you join me for the interesting journey I have ahead.




Esme said...

That's great, Magda, sometimes something just seems to change in your brain, that's what's happened to me. Hope things keep going well with you.

Magda said...

Thanks Esme. It was a long overdue change but I'm so happy it happened.



Michelle said...

It's so great to read you're doing well. I'm so happy for you. It also sounds like you had a birthday to remember. Congratulations!