Monday, June 29, 2009


Tomorrow we leave for our holiday to Singapore. Then its the All Females in Melbourne so I'll be away for some time.

Last night we had our friends over for a BBQ following a girlie get-together in the afternoon. As I started on my ??th glass of wine, realising that yet again I had eaten too much crappy food, a great sense of sadness came over me. I felt awful both physically and emotionally yet I continued to pretend that everything was great and that I was really happy. I dont want to continue on this way.

When I return I'll be starting a new journey. One of recovering my physical self to a level that I'm happy with. One of finding true happiness that comes from honouring yourself with positive thoughts and actions. One of believing that you can achieve the goals that mean so much to you and claiming the right to do so.

Farewell for now.



Kristy said...

Have a really nice trip Magda and I make sure you enjoy yourself. I can't wait to hear about your holiday.

Frankie said...

Have a wonderful trip Magda. I'm sure you'll come back fully motivated ready for the next adventure. It's hard to keep on track with so much change going on. Just enjoy your time away.

Kerry W said...

Hey Magda

Have fun on your holiday, and just forget about stuff. Immerse yourself in the present, while you are there. Often, being in a totally different place gives you a new perspective on life, and can re-invigorate you. You may even experience more moments of clarity. ENJOY!

Amy said...

have a fabulous trip Magda and enjoy your time away. xx

Hilds said...

Hi Magda,

I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy some time relaxing!

You know that your health & fitness journey has just begun! You know the areas you need to work on and YOU WILL succeed in achieving the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted.

Enjoy your time away and get all refreshed to embark on your healthy new lifestyle on your return.

RaeC said...

Have a lovely trip Magda and see you at the All Female... WOOT!! xxx

Claudine said...

Have fun Magda! I will miss you :) Can't wait to read more of you... xxx