Friday, June 19, 2009


After a massively crappy week with way too much work, late nights working, missed training and some crappy eating days thrown in, I thought I'd unwind with the following D & Ms.

What do you really want deep down inside?

To love and be loved. To find inner peace and balance. To not die wondering "what if".

What matters to you, in the big picture?

Family. My son growing into an independent adult and finding his "happy place" in life. My husband and I continuing our partnership. Loving each other, laughing together, and being the yin and the yang.

What do you want to stand for?

Being caring, understanding and loyal. Commitment and perseverance.

What do you want to do with your brief time on this planet?

Wow. Considering that next month I'm well into "middle age" I better get a move on and start making my dreams a reality.:
1. Raise my son to be independent, socially capable, confident, balanced and happy.
2. Grow old with my husband.
3. Promote happiness and harmony in my extended family.
4. Then there's some material stuff which is personal and not for sharing now.

Who do you look up to?

This will surprise people. I love my mum very much but I live my life very different to hers so I dont really look up to her.

Professionally: My husband. My Director.

Intellectually: My friend at work Miss J.

In the health/fitness area: Shelley (love the postive attitude), Liz (is there anyone who knows their stuff better??), Tara (has anybody come so far and has so much potential to go so much further??) there are more ....

Who inspires you?

My friend Kerry right here in Adelaide.

What personal strengths or qualities do they have that you admire?

Determination. Not afraid of hard work. A can-do attitude. Supportive. Ambitious. Focussed. And a down right lovely person to boot.

If you achieved your goal, then what would you do?

Material goals (not listed): celebrate and then regroup to work out "what next". Personal goals (listed): I'd die happy.

How would your life be different as a result?

It probably wouldnt be a lot different, if at all.

How would you change?

Perhaps I'd have a different outlook on things, maybe a different feeling about myself and what I believed about myself.

What would you do differently from there onwards?

Maybe I'd aim higher. Maybe I'd just be happy with what I had achieved. Maybe I dont really know cause its such an "unknown".

And on that note its time to log off and get some shut eye.

G'night all



ss2306 said...

Great work Magda. It really helps to actually stop and think about these things and get then down on paper.

They're all positive steps in moving further in your life.

Have a great weekend.

LizN said...

Thank you for the compliment Magda. I think we can all learn a lot from each other.


Magda said...

Thanks for the idea Shelley. It was interseting sitting down and have a good think about it all.

You're welcome Liz

:-) M