Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NOT HAPPY JAN!!!!!! :-(

Its over. I'll reveal all now.

2 weeks ago we spotted a property for sale at a time when we had decided we were going to sell up and build new. (I wont bore you with all the details around why but I'll just say that its taken us years to come to this decision).

This property was awesome. Its in the general area where we live now and the area I grew up in. Its the most beautiful tree lined avenue with a wide median strip that has lots of beautiful full grown trees. The location is about 6kms from the city which is perfect for us as we both work in the CBD. Houses in this street .... sorry, "avenue" are beautiful with a mix of well maintained old houses and quite a few new ones, some of them VERY grand and expensive. Every time we'd drive down this avenue we'd dream about living on it and it always impressed us. It was our ultimate dream.

So here is a property for sale in "our avenue". Its on a big block of land (800m2+) and the house is a wreck (demolition job) which is just what we want. After analysing our finances to the nth degree WH says we can offer X. I immediately decide that we'll offer X + $10K as it has to be our best offer. We delay our offer to await finance approval and in the meantime circumstances allow us to add another $10K. I'm so excited as I truly believe we have a good chance of getting it and I'm well on the way to planning my new life at my dream address. Offers closed yesterday at 2pm and I almost expected a call last night.

It didnt eventuate but the agent rang today to advise that the trustees had accepted another offer. My dream address has gone to somebody else. I'm so sad and so disappointed. This is NOT how its meant to be.

Binge Monster was whispering in my ear that some junk food would make me feel better but I whispered back "FUCK OFF" and hit the computer to do some work. I couldnt control the outcome of that property sale but I can control how I react to it and how I manage my feelings around it.




KRISTIN said...

I'm so sorry to hear Magda. It's tough when you have your heart set on something, but if it's out of your control, all you can do is concentrate on the things you can control. I hope you feel a bit better about it all soon xoxo

Kerry W said...

Hey Magda

It's devastating when you have such a treasured dream you want to fulful - sorry to hear it didn't go your way. You never know - the offer could fall through, or something better may turn up!

What a great response though to the BINGE MONSTER! That's progress right there. :)

Frankie said...

Bugger :o( So sorry it didn't work out for you Magda.

Kristy said...

Sorry to hear you missed out Magda, it's really tough when you have no control over the end result...

Witchazel said...

DAMN!!! But I honestly beieve in things happening for all the right reasons.. just wait and see I'm sure the real place of our dreams will be there any day now.

And well done on the BINGE MONSTER!!!

~ Valley Girl ~ said...

So sorry it turned out that way, but loved your response to the binge monster!

Magda said...

Thanks guys for your comments of support and sympathy. Still sad but will get over it.