Monday, June 08, 2009


....... on the home front. Plan A is dead and buried. We wont have our "ultimate avenue address" and whilst I'm still sad about it, I know I must move on. So after many long discussions over several glasses of wine (is there any other way??) WH and I have agreed on our plan B on the homefront. (There is a Plan C as well but we're both apprehensive about the cost and the house in Plan C doesnt work as well as the house in Plan B).

Its taken us a while to agree on Plan B. The block is bigger than that in Plan C. The house works better and we think there will be better value for money. So whats the problem you ask? Plan B actually has us moving back to the suburb we lived in before we moved to Brisbane. Its a nice suburb and I liked living there but the resale on our house was bit disappointing and when we bought where we are now (which sort is the same area that Plan C is in), it was certainly more expensive. This shouldnt matter as our next house MUST be long-term but you always worry that you'll sink a lot of money into that bit of dirt and bricks and mortar and it'd be nice know that you'll get it back in the event of a move.

OK enough analysing that nobody is really interested in anyway. I've called the agent about said block in Plan B. He hasnt returned my call so I'll be calling again tomorrow. We talked to him on Saturday and we're ready to take it to the next stage. In the meantime two different builders are costing up two entirely different houses on two different blocks of land for us. Fingers crossed that Plan B wins on value for money and fingers crossed that we get a hold of the agent and get the ball rolling to make an offer.

Is it any wonder that I feel so highly strung and stressed to the eyeballs?



Kek said...

Dude! A word of advice: Do NOT, under any circumstances, decide to do another figure comp whilst building a house. Totally awful, HORRIBLE combination.

Trust me, I only just held onto my sanity. At least I think I did....


Fingers crossed it all works out for you with one of the builders/blocks.

Frankie said...

Good luck with Plan B Magda (and of course we're interested!).

I love hearing about bloggy's stuff :o)

Magda said...

Kerryn I'm loving your comment :-) I must admit that your ability to prep for your comp with all your house "issues" was admirable. It can be a really stressful time. However we've built with Plan B builder before and had a very positive experience. Plan C builder is a bit of an "unknown". A figure comp is a bit out of my reach right now. I have a lot of work to do before I can even think about it. I'm parking that goal for now.

Thanks Frankie. When I dont want to blog about my crappy diet and fitness efforts, I can always divert to the house saga.

:-) Magda

Frankie said...

hahha...yeah well my tragic love life is my 'fall back subject' LOL