Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I've had a busy few days. Mum's birthday was a lot of fun and Sunday's dinner, while not my best effort to date, was still really nice. The lamb shanks were a hit, yet again and the tiramisu turned out better than expected. Nobody complained about the food.

Monday was taken up with various meetings, phone calls and then my first appointment with the sports psyche. I like her. Whilst I did most of the talking in this sesssion, she was very down to earth and we had a few good laughs together as well. I poured out my life story (in brief) focussing on the particluar challenges I've had over the last 2 or so years. She was able to quickly identify where I was going wrong in my thoughts, behaviours and choices but I'm also doing some CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to give us something specific to work with. Her question about "what do I see when I look in the mirror" was a very interesting one that I found quite hard to answer, especially as she was posing it from the physical perspective. When I did eventually respond, she said that my body image was "reasonably realistic" so I took some comfort in that. My next appointment is in 2 weeks time but my goal is NOT have any instances that we can analyse through CBT. (I'm to record situations, thoughts and outcomes when I am faced with an urge to binge and when I give in). I'm aiming to make June 2009 my BFM (Binge Free Month).

On my "secret issue" I'm pretty sure that all will be revealed tomorrow which is well before the 9th June deadline I mentioned previously. Things have moved along faster than first anticipated and this has been much easier to deal with. I hate things dragging out forever. If I want something, you can be rest assured that I WANT IT NOW. So tomorrow is THE DAY.

So I'm off to bed as soon as I log off. I've had a horrid headache for 2 days and I'm hoping that a good sleep will relieve it. If not, I'll be suffering through another mega busy day at work. But who knows I might be celebrating tomorrow night, or I might be crying into my chicken and green veg.

Stay tuned.



Kerry W said...

Hi Magda

Hope you're celebrating tonight, not crying into your chicken and veges. :)

Witchazel said...

ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! COME ON TELL US!!!! I have been waiting as expectantly as you LOL please let us know how you went and the secret please please please

Magda said...

Read on ladies