Thursday, June 04, 2009


I'd be lying if I said I was ok today. What has "saved me" is a combination of being very busy at work, enjoying a lovely lunch with my friend and work colleague Miss J and focussing on my June goal of clocking up a BFM (Binge Free Month).

I headed off to work earlier than usual today. BS has a virus of some sort and WH took the day off to stay home with him. (Its my turn tomorrow). Going a million miles an hour made the day go very quickly and I even got to enjoy 2 cafe meetings and have my favourite skim cappuccinos. Miss J and I usually have lunch together on Thursdays. Today's catch up was great as it let me get some of the sadness off my chest and we chatted about my future comp prep plans and about her life as the wife of a surgeon. She has some interesting tales to tell!

After lunch I knew I was at geat risk of losing a round to the Binge Monster as my usual negative thoughts started creeping in. A quick refocus on my goals and some stern reminders about how incorrect those thoughts were, managed to keep me on track. Anyway, what did I have to complain about? I'd allowed myself the lunch of my choice (salt and pepper squid with a small serve of chips and salad) so I was hardly deprived. I held it together and was very pleased with my efforts.

So my plan this week has been to eat mainly lean and clean but by no means to aim for "perfection". Sometimes this approach works better to keep the Binge Monster at bay but the trade off is that weight / fat loss doesnt necessarily happen (and right now I want a few kilos off). So I'm weighing up the alternatives:

1. Go "hard core" on a "diet", drop some kilos before we go to Singapore but risk a blow out binge OR
2. Maintain the status quo, go to Singapore feeling fat and frumpy but maybe win the BM war this month.

Geez its like grim and grimmer :-(



Kristy said...

Sorry you are feeling low Magda, but good job on the win with the BM.

I am trying to work out what I should do myself... Go hardcore lose weight, but also have binges or go for good normal eating, but same thing weight probably won't move... It's so frustrating...

Your Singapore trip sounds fantastic though Magda.

Tearose said...

Hey Magda I am fighting that monster too. I have been wondering the same ting. Hardcore has not been working quite as well as it once was. A whole month binge free is awesome though, you should feel really proud! What is you ate lean all day and then allowed yourself one meal to have something special, not necessarily junk food, but something relatively healthy but delicious? I know certain things will trigger a binge for me so I am trying to not eat those items, but something I really like that I can't eat all the time, is plain greek yogurt with honey mixed in with cottage cheese, pineapple, mandarin oranges, chopped toasted pecans, and raisins, banana and shredded coconut and a couple T. of oats. Its like a tropical dessert, sweet crunchy and creamy soo delicious but much better then say... a family size cadbury bar lol. Just a thought :)