Sunday, June 21, 2009


I love the winter solstice (not sure of its exact date this year but always around the 21 June). I love the thought that from now every day will be a bit longer than the one before and that summer is heading our way. Its like "hump day" and that feeling of getting to the other side. So what did you do on the winter solstice?

Today I focussed on two things and I forsaked all others.

1. Preparing our house for sale. Now this would have to be one of the worst jobs in the world. De-cluttering is like a bottomless pit. No matter how much you put away or throw out there is more around the corner and you turn your back and what you've already done, just mutliplies back. I skipped training today but managed a half decent upper body workout just scrubbing anything and everything in the quest for "sparkling clean". I'm well and truly over it but the job is far from done.

2. Playing with my son. We had a ball playing a make-believe game that we do regularly. Then it was a couple of board games before heading to our local shops. He rode his scooter and I walked (lifestyle cardio??) and we went to the local cafe (yum skim cappuccino time) and then stopped at the playground on the way back. The weather was beautiful and it was great to be out.

We have one week before we're on holidays and off to Singapore on the 30th. Counting down the sleeps now.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Your outing with your son, sounds lovely Magda.

Magda said...

It was thanks Kristy

:-) Magda