Tuesday, June 09, 2009


....has come over me. Its really odd. For the last 4 days I've been feeling awful. Food was my comfort except that its a false pleasure. A few minutes of enjoyment followed by madly craving more and more as though its a drug you just cant get enough of. Not to mention the many glasses of wine consumed in the name of sociability/stress relief/"a good meal deserves a good wine" and just downright enjoyment. Not good for the waist-line nor for fat loss so that pleasure comes at a price.

So whats different today?

Last night as I lay in bed unable to get to sleep (due to 2 great sleep-ins on the weekend) I thought about all the things that arent working for me right now - the physical, the mental (thinking) and the emotional (feeling) stuff. There was quite a bit there and I started looking at ways to address some of the issues. Thats when I made a decision about my next course of action and its left me feeling positive and with hope in my heart. I have some time to work through it before we do our Singapore holiday and then I'm hoping to kick it off when we return. That may even be when I'm in Melbourne for the All Females. Deep down I've known this is the way for me to go but I've just been loathe to admit it. Now I'm embracing this option as I believe its right for me.

Stay tuned folks.

PS We are seeing the agent about the Plan B block of land early this week so here's hoping we're in with a chance and its not snatched from under our noses.



Kristy said...

Good luck Magda on the block of land. I know buying and building is so stressful. I was stressed for weeks when I bought my place not knowing if I was going to get the finances or not... It drove me insane...

Magda said...

Hi Kristy,

one of the biggest stresses is getting the right block of land when good land, close to the city is so rare and therefore so damned expensive. Fingers crosses that this works out for us.



Charlotte Orr said...

Hope that sense of calm continues for you Magda.

Magda said...

Thanks Charlotte

:-) M