Monday, June 15, 2009


A funny thing happened yesterday. There was a knock at my door so I went to have a look at who was there. Lo and behold, but what do I discover?

Me: OMG you're back. Where have you been? I've missed you and I cant live my life without you.

Mojo: Yeah yeah you say that all the time but when I'm around you dont treat me how I like to be treated. You always find a way to make me feel useless. I always try to help you but too often you just dont listen.

Me: I'm sorry. Its just that I .....erm, you know I just .......errr. Yeah there's no excuse. I should trust in you and honour you like you deserve.

Mojo: You know if you did that and stuck to it even when the going got tough, we could make such a great team and together we could achieve so much.

Me: You think so?

Mojo: I know so. Why dont you give it a try? You've got nothing to lose. Lets not waste any more time trying to be perfect, beating yourself up if you werent perfect and making poor choices when you know you deserve better.

Me: OK now I'm outta here as there is cardio and prehab work waiting to be done, followed by a healthy breakfast.

So yesterday was quite a good day. A drank heaps of water / herbal tea. I ate enough veges. I had no alcohol. I ate mindfully and whilst I did have a couple of small treats, I savoured them instead of stuffing them down in 2 seconds so I could go trolling for more.

On the other hand, today was a totally shitty day and I was in a foul mood, upset, weepy and beating myself up over totally different stuff. Seeing me weak and vulnerable my Binge Monster decided to sweep in for the kill and all day he nagged and nagged about how I should eat more crap cause it'll make me feel better. But luckily today I had Mojo on my side and she talked him down every time. Thats one for me and my Mojo and the Binge Monster scored a big fat zero.


:-) Magda


ss2306 said...

Woo hoo

Kerry W said...

Exactly my sentiments ss2306...WOOHOO! :)

Frankie said...

Hey Mojo..nice to meet you :o)