Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DREAMING .... from Kristy's blog

If I had all the money in the world I would use it to my advantage to be more involved in my son’s life.

By me not working he could sleep til 7.30 each day and not be woken up at 6.40. I could take him straight to school and not drop him off at Before School Care. I’d get more involved with school activities. I’d volunteer to listen to children read, I’d help out on school excursions, I’d get to know the other mums better and keep abreast of all that happens in and around school. I’d love to be the class rep.

At the end of the day I’d pick him up from school and have the luxury of really listening to the details about his day, instead of hearing bits and pieces several hours later.

Selfishly I’d train after school drop off and not at 5am. What a luxury that’d be.

So as you can see for me money would buy time. Time that could be put to much better use by making my family and me happier.

I wont even start on the material things as they rate a distant second to the above.



Kristy said...

That's lovely Magda. It's amazing when you really think about what matters, that it's not what you really would think.

Shar said...

I read your post and had tears in my eyes.
I felt like this at a certain point and it brought it all back, luckily I was able to make lifestyle changes, lucky enough I could stomach the financial drop and both me and my kids are better off.

If I won lotto!! There would be a lump coming to you so you could make those changes, my heart just felt broken by your words, but you know what, your boy probabaly think he has the best mum and dad in the whole world, the best life and values the time you do spend with him, you are clearly a very caring and loving family.

Shar x
Fingers crossed for the lotto! :)

Magda said...

Yes Krsity you cant put a value on family and time with your children before they reach that age when they dont want to know you any more.

Oh Shar you are too sweet and kind. The fact is that we all make our choices and I'm happy with my choices and my life. I just value financial security and the lifestyle that we have so hi ho hi ho its off to work I go. But its always nice to dream about what you'd want in your "perfect world".

:-) Magda