Monday, August 18, 2008


Tonight I weight trained for the first time in several weeks. My arms feel leaden and I know I'll have chest DOMS tomorrow (I always do). Once I got in my exercise room, lay down on my bench and had the bar in my hands all my pleasant memories of last year's comp prep came flooding back.

It was a time I really enjoyed. I learnt so much about body building, about myself, about my WH and about how body building affects other bloggers. I lapped it up and just "lived it" for that year. I loved seeing my body change. I loved having sky high self-confidence not just in my looks but also because I was ACHIEVING a goal I'd set myself. I was no longer a dreamer, a talker, a lurker. I was a doer.

Transforming myself from Fat Girl to Figure Competitor was one of the hardest things I've ever done so my sense of achievement at the end was incredible. More wonderful memories that I'll always cherish.

I loved being accountable to my trainer. Reporting in almost daily with my training results, diet, general chit chat, thoughts and worries I was not alone and the support, encouragement and guidance I got was just what I needed.

I miss all that now. I thought I'd be ok training myself but I'm not, as evidenced by my long absence from my exercise room. I need to be accountable. I want to be lead and showed the way so I'm not standing at a crossroads wondering which way to go. I want to be encouraged and supported and kicked up the backside when I slack off and praised when I achieve a mini goal.

I have some work to do.

Good night all



Splice said...

Oh Mags I can relate to what you are saying. Six weeks ago I was feeling exactly the same way, really lost. Since going back to Michael (PT) I have felt so motivated and I love having someone to report to and to train me.
I do hope that you can find someone to do the same for you as it makes a difference :-0

Kristy said...

I know exactly wwhat you mean. I love reporting into my coach my times as he always gives me positive feedback and tells me what I need to hear and so at this stage I am going to keep him. I just don't think I will have the same commitment if I train myself, especially since I can't give myself goals to meet, but he does...

I hope you find someone to help you achieve your goals Magda :)

Magda said...

Thanks Deb. Its a real dilemma isnt it? I'm at about 80% leaning towards committing to another traine so now its just up to who will be best for me and my circumstances.

As I said to you before Kristy, I really believe in the benefits of an independent coach. I thought I'd go it alone but am now realising that this wont work for me.

Will keep you all posted.



Cheryl D said...


So are you thinking of getting someone to work with again? Are you still amped for a come back next year?