Friday, August 22, 2008


...yes today was the last flexi day that I will have. In my new position I will work a 5 day week. Every week. Irrespective of the hours I work. I'm a bit sad about this because flexitime allows me to take time out to spend with my BS, especially when the school holidays come around. But if I look at the bright side (which I always try to do) then I will at least be in a better routine and of course the pay rise just puts a nice layer of icing on the cake (which I shouldnt be eating LOL). Also with my new work place being a MUCH smaller office, I'm hoping they arent into the Friday morning tea junk food fests that my previous workplace had.

I had a great day off today. But it was over so quickly. I managed a little sleep in so I didnt train this morning. My next weights session is shoulders (hopefully tomorrow) and then a 55 minute :-0 run on Sunday. The City 2 Bay is 4 weeks away. My goodness it has come around quickly.

I talked to a trainer today and was happy with how that went. My first priority is to do the City 2 Bay so we agreed that getting all my running training in is paramount. It was suggested that in the meantime I just weight train my chest, back and shoulders to keep the muscles stimulated (yep good advice) and after the City 2 Bay and the holiday I'm having at the end of September, we will start then. That makes sense but I'd like to drop a few kgs of body fat in the meantime so I'm starting from a better place. I guess up to me.

I think a couple of more conversations in the meantime will have things heading in the right direction :-)




Kristy said...

Chat with trainer sounds promising. Only 4 weeks til City-Bay. Sure is creeping up fast!

Magda said...

I know Kristy and I'm nervous that I wont be fit enough to make the distance.