Sunday, August 17, 2008


.... was tackled again today. Why dreaded? Well the runs are getting longer, therefore harder and I'm getting slower instead of faster but I'm not giving up.

Today was 50 minutes and I automatically run it a bit slower so I'll last the distance. My 5km time increased to 33 minutes today and I covered 7.5kms in the 50 minutes. At that pace, the 12kms will take me about 80 minutes ... so I wont be setting the running world on fire, will I LOL??

But in my "glass half full" outlook I will say this:

1. My goal is to run the 12kms and not have to walk any of it. I'm on track to be able to do this, even if I slow down to make it.
2. Even though each longer run is harder than the one before I press on through and do it regardless. I'm not a quitter.
3. There have been days where I REALLY didnt feel like training but I did it anyway. I want to achieve this goal and I'll do the training thats required.
4. There are many people training much harder than me right now so I'll just pull my head in and get on with it.

I have two more long runs and then I taper ... YIPPEE ... bring on that taper. I have decided to try an experiment with my diet to see if it helps me run a bit faster or if it makes the longer hauls a little easier. I'm putting it into practice tomorrow so maybe by next Sunday there will be some improvement. Fingers crossed.

Funnily enough, I actually look forward to Monday's easy paced run which is just 30 minutes. The other two runs throughout the week are also much easier than Sunday's longer "steady pace" run. I have to laugh though as my "steady pace" is marginally faster than my "recovery pace". However I've resorted to a new "recovery pace" which can otherwise be described as my "crippled Cliff Young shuffle".

Today I also had brunch in North Adelaide with a special friend and then baked gingerbread biscuits which BS then decorated. It was a good day.

I have four days left in my current job, then Friday off work, another busy weekend and then I start my new job. Hmmm and maybe a new chapter in my life.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

I'm not sure which program you are following as it sounds like you have a program, but on my program for a half marathon I only do two speed sessions and 2 long runs. I have been told the speed sessions have to hurt, but the long runs can be as slow as I like as long as I'm not altering my running style...I found this is really working for me, but it has taken a while to see improvements, but my 5k time is slowly coming down... It was like someone turned a light switch on the first time I tried running slower...I finally enjoyed my runs and have time to smell the roses LOL

You are doing a great job though Magda and running your first 12k race is an amazing achievement and the time doesn't matter. It is such an amazing feeling as you cross the finish line.

Not long now Magda :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new position, sounds to me like just the right challenge you've been looking for. Who knows what other doors will open for you Magda. :o) xxx

Magda said...

Hey Kristy,

I'm doing the program that was printed in the Sunday Mail 12 weeks out from the race. Training is now 4x/week and it looks like this:
1. Run at steady pace (eg with some speed) with times increasing by 5 mins each week. Next week its a 55 minute run.
2. Recovery pace (easy) run of 30 minutes.
3. Interval run of varying times but generally a period at steady pace followed by a period at recovery pace. Repeated for a total of about 30 or 40 minutes.
4. Steady pace run of 30 or 35 minutes.

There is no speed work as such other than the variations in pace on day 3.

I guess you get what you pay for LOL!!

Thanks Lia. Its an exciting time with this significant change looming.

Cheers guys


Kristy said...

Magda that program sounds fine and a lot of people must be using it. There really is no right or wrong way to train as I have found as every runner I speak to is doing something different. I think consistency is the key.

Only 4 weeks to go til the run...Wohoo you will have a ball it is such a great atmosphere.