Sunday, August 24, 2008

8.1 IN 55

No thats not a mathematical calculation. Its how far I ran today. And judging how I felt at the end of the session I am truly cacking myself that I wont make the 12kms. I was just about dead at the end of 8kms and its only 2/3s of the City 2 Bay distance. AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Funnily enough there was a decent stretch that I thought I ran well. I headed out onto the main roads today and going "public" probably improved my form somewhat. That was until about the 30 minute mark after which I am just struggling along. Week in, week out nothing changes.

My food experiment didnt go to plan so my theory wasnt tested. I'm a bit over it all actually. I guess its time like these when a coach / trainer /mentor would be really great. The only thing keeping me going is my pride and my determination to do all the training and be as best prepared for the race as I can be. I refuse to give in so i'll just suck it up and do it with my sooky lala attitude.



Kristy said...

You can do it Magda easily.

I did my half marathon and the furthest I had ran was 19k before it. Adrenelin and the atmosphere will carry you along. I sure am hoping that will help me get to the end under 6 min k's. At this stage I'm not looking to good for this, but we can only wait and see.

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy. I sure hope so.


Nic said...

Hi Magda,

Completing the run will all be up to your mind and if you want it enough! I know you do so you will be fine. I've run a couple marathons and you only train up to 30km & they say if you can run 30km you can run 42km. If you are running 8km already you will have no problems on the day. Pure determination will get you there.


Magda said...

Thanks Nic,

pure determination and a good carb feed the night before LOL!!