Saturday, August 09, 2008


Its pouring with rain as I write this tonight and there have been several downpours of hail as well today. Luckily, in the main I have stayed dry as I had no running scheduled for today. But tomorrow is another story and with a 45 minute steady state run (which means no cruisy Cliff Young Shuffle) I'm praying that I dont have to do it in a downpour. I will be timing myself over 5kms again and hope for some improvement.

Yesterday I did my 20 minute steady state run which is comparatively easy as its nice and short. The Conference Day we had for work presented some eating challenges which I still have to learnt to handle better. What is it with free food that makes me think I have to eat as much of it as possible? Especially the junky stuff like the scones and carrot cake slice we had for afternoon tea. Whilst I'm not binging as such, there are still too many treats finding their way past my lips and I need to curb them if I want to be a few kilos lighter for the City 2 Bay fun-run.
Of-course having drinks and nibbles for my bestie's birthday last night also didnt help my cause as once again my resolve wasnt as strong as it could have been.

My saving grace was that I taught 2 classes this morning and kept my breakfast and lunch very lean and clean. I havent filled in at the gym on a Saturday for a long time so it was really nice to see some of my old class members and be given a very warm welcome back. It lifted my spirits and gave me an extra dash of enthusiasm for my teaching and I was rewarded with some nice positive feedback.

So right now I'm focussing on training for the City 2 Bay. I should be doing more (some!!) weight training but life (and excuses) are getting in the way. The more I think about it, the more I'm coming to realise that I'm not very good at training myself and that structure, support and accountability go a long way to achieving success in the goals I've set for myself - other than running the City 2 Bay.

Cheers all



Kek said...

It takes time to sort this food stuff out, Magda. The "it's free, so I must eat as much as possible" mindset is a big boobytrap lying in wait - but you can overcome it.

Just keep at it!

Carolyn said...

Hi Magda,
I can sooooo relate to you on that food front! It's a hard road learning that you don't have to eat everything, or even try everything in sight. You're not alone! I am reading the book "If not dieting...then what?" by Dr Rick Kausmann (on the recommendation of Liz) at the moment, and gee it makes a lot of sense. If you haven't read it, I really recommend it - and I'm only up to chapter 3!
All the best,
Carolyn :)

Magda said...

Yeah I'm realising that Kek. Whilst I have small wins like the no binging, I then realise I have SUCH a long way to go with all these other challenges presenting themselves.

Hello Carolyn, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I also started reading "If not dieting ..." but I think I was in such a bad frame of mind at the time that nothing was going to help me. Maybe now is a better time to revisit it.



Anonymous said...

The City 2 Bay sounds like fun Magda. I'm sure it'll be yet another successful goal you'll achieve.

As for the nutrition, you and me both. It's tough, really tough and we simply have to do the best we can with the resources we have available. Nobody's perfect!

Lia xxx

Magda said...

Hi Lia,

yep some of us seem to struggle more than others but we never give up. Eventually we'll get to where we want to be.

:-) Magda