Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well I'm happy to report that life has gone back to the ho-hum calm that it was before. I never thought I'd appreciate it so much. I'm still baffled by Thursday's incident but I remind myself to be thankful that it wasnt worse than it was. When I spoke to Mum on Friday she was ok. A little tired but overall she was ok. Today Mum and Dad were over for a few hours in the afternoon and she was her old self .... devoting lots of attention to our BS and getting excited about them buying a new car. This is how I want my life to be.

Thursday's events left me thinking about life, family and health and how we so easily take things for granted.

Take life for instance. If there's one thing I want to embrace, its the attitude of seeing the glass as half full. Its so easy to fall into a miserable, negative rut but why should we? I truly believe that we all have so much to be grateful for. Sure life has its ups and downs and at times the downs we are dealt are pretty tough to handle. But we do handle them and we make it through and life goes on and it can be wonderful again.

I think one of the hardest things I had to face was the realisation that my WH and I could not have a biological child. We tried naturally. We tried IVF. We tried IVF again with a super-healthy organic lifestyle. But despite having a healthy and fit body, I think my reproductive system just said "too old' and there was no pregnancy. So we turned to adoption and we are blessed with a gorgeous boy who makes as happier than words can describe. I still have occassional twinges of wishing I knew what it was like to be pregnant or to give birth but then I remind myself that I have my own unique adoption experience which is as emotional and moving as giving birth would be (or so I choose to believe). So my glass is (more than) half full yet again.

Then there is family. As you may know, I'm an only child so I'm closer than normal to my parents. We're a small family so we get along really well and I'll do anything it takes to keep it that way. I also get along really well with my ILs and once again there have been times when I put the effort in to keep the family relations happy when nobody else would. But thats me just doing what I believe is necessary to keep the family unit together and happy.

And lastly there is health. This is probably not the forum where preaching about good health will fall on deaf ears as most bloggers would be pretty committed to a healthy life-style. But I know that I have been pretty slack in this area this year. I wont beat myself up too much because that is counter-productive but I will admit that some (actually many) of my lifestyle choices are not supportive of me being in optimal health. My weakness for wine, snacky foods, sweets and less than 100% effort in training mean that where I'm at today and where I want to be in terms of weight, body composition and fitness are miles apart.

So is the glass half empty ... eg "poor me, I just cant lose this weight, find time to weight train, give up the yummy things" ....or is it half full .... eg "I can lose this weight. I'll make time to weight train, and I'll limit the yummy things and I'll get to where I want to be".

Its up to me

:-) Magda


Anonymous said...

We all take life for granted at one point or another and that's okay. But if you're lucky, like we are you realise sooner rather than later and can turn things around before it's to late.

You've come a long way Magda. Every day that you've moving forward in the right direction is one day closer to reaching and fulfilling your goals and dreams. There is no time limit on life just as long as you're living it the way you want.

Lia xxx

little rene said...

What a great attitude! Good for you :)

Enjoy the weekend Magda :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous post Madga - i absolutely swear by living each day with no regrets and realise that as much as i think i have control over things, there are some things in this life we have absolutely no control over - so instead of bitching, i just smile and make the most of every single day. Some people think i'm mad - others hang around me to get a dose of the fernster ;) xx

Magda said...

Thanks Lia. Its nice to think that we've both come a long way and I know we both have it in us to go even further. Like you said, there is no time limit on life and our goals and dreams will always be there. We'll know when its time to give our all to achieve them.

Thanks Rene. Just trying to stay positive :-)

And having had a small dose of the Fernster, I can understand why. You are a true champion Fern and I'm so glad I got to meet you last year. I hope our paths cross again soon.

Cheers all


Kristy said...

A great place to be Magda and a nice positive attitude :)

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy