Thursday, August 07, 2008


Well my trip to the country is done and dusted and although I have one more visit next week, it wont be an overnighter. Yippee!! My new job will have little/no country travel I expect.

So before we headed off yesterday (my boss came this time too) I did my 2nd longer / harder run for the week and I did the first 15-20 minutes in light rain. I can remember a time when the slightest bit of moisture would have had me bailing on an outdoor run but that is ancient history now. Rain shmain. Unless its really chucking it down it aint stopping me. I'm ticking off all my training boxes (there arent THAT many) and its a great feeling. Now if I can just apply the same enthusiasm, dedication and consistent effort to my eating I'll be a lean, mean training machine. LOL.

But jokes aside I'm actually doing OK. Not 100% perfect lean and clean but am really focussing on my mindset and my choices/actions in an effort to ditch the binging. This was actually my breakthrough news at the end of July. Despite having lots of treats on holiday and for my birthday celebrations, I actually didnt have any binges (you know the type where you just stuff in a sh*tload of crap , usually secretly, for some really dopey reason). But then I had a few relapses at the end of July and was feeling a bit disheartened hence I didnt write about it. But now I've had another good run (albeit a brief one) so I thought I'd share.

So tomorrow is a shorter run followed by a Planning Day for our unit (where I still am). Then its drinks for my bestie's birthday in the evening. I love Fridays :-)

Cheers all



Pip said...

Great work Magda!
Well done, you can be proud of yourself!

Aside my list of life and training, performance and fatloss goals the biggie self sabotager for me is QUITTING THE BINGEING, or completely self sabotaging behaviour like wasteful spending on junk food and or alcohol and getting into debt with that, then new temporary 'big' clothes.

You are doing well with your running!


Magda said...

Thanks Pip, it can be such a struggle cant it? but the small wins remind up that we CAN do it.