Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today I finished work in my project management job. The day was extremely madly, crazy busy. From the moment I arrived at work, it was meeting after meeting to resolve project issues and hand-over projects. At 11.30 my team and other colleagues converged on me for a small send-off with some nice speeches, flowers and a card. I will miss this great bunch of people where the camaraderie is second to none and its a great place to be.

In the afternoon I attended my final site meeting and REALLY earned my salary with a very difficult meeting with unhappy clients. Why is it that some people just cant be thankful for what they are getting? In my job I plan for and then deliver say a, b and c. And what is people's reaction to that? Well its never "gee thanks, that will make thing so much better for us". No, its always "but we have to have a, b, c AND d,e,f and probably g and h as well". What happened to the old "glass half full" perspective? Not many people I come across share this outlook with me and they piss me off.

OK I'll get off my soapbox now because thats behind me. No doubt I'll have a whole new set of challenges to face next week so they will be a breath of fresh air LOL.

I finished the day feeling completely wiped out. WH and I weakened and had a quick dinner out which was not on my plan but the damage was 1/2 a gourmet seafood pizza (about 4 small-medium pieces) and 1 glass of wine. It could have been a lot worse as I had eaten very little during the day and had managed hardly any water.

But on a more positive note I will brag about my great run these last 2 mornings. Yesterday I did intervals and I pushed harder in the 3 minute steady pace phase and then eased right back in the 3 minute recovery phase. I was happy with my effort and how I felt after the session was over. I knew I'd given it more than at previous sessions. Today I did a 35 minute steady paced run and again felt that my effort was good. As an added bonus, at around the 15 minute mark I actually got into that elusive "runner's zone" and was feeling really good. Love that place. Love that feeling :-)

Oh and Imustnt forget to brag about the wonderful DOMS I have in my chest and triceps :-) Very sore when I started running but then my attention went elsewhere. Will be training shoulders and bi either tomorrow or Saturday so bring it on.

Tomorrow I'm speaking with a trainer about .... well .... training. My mind is open and I hope it goes well.

Well guys I'm knackered so it'll be good-night from me and hope to blog again tomorrow.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Its always emotional leaving a place of work. but so exciting starting a new job, with new people. Hope work goes well for you on Monday :)

Great job on the intervals. It is really good to get to the end of a session and know that you worked :)

Magda said...

Yes Kristy its a real turning point isnt it? MY send-off was modest but really nice. The best part was all the genuine heartfelt hugs I got from som many people ... priceless :-)