Sunday, August 03, 2008

THE 3 Fs

Well my breakthrough news turned out to be a short-lived flash in the pan which seems like ancient history now. So onto whats been happening in my "Fitness Fun and Figure" life now.


City 2 Bay training is going well. You'll note that I've updated my 5km times in my sidebar. Today's training was a 40 minute run (no, not an easy Cliff Young Shuffle, but a RUN). I timed myself at the 5km mark and have recorded it for all to see. But I had to push on for 8 more minutes and that bit was really tough. I had a fierce headwind and I was pooped. It was really tough and at one point I even yelled "F*** OFF" to the wind (Good one Magda. Waste that precious energy!!). I finished the run looking beetroot red and hopped in my car to measure the distance which was 6.3kms. Then I felt really good :-)

2. FUN

Friday night out with the girls was fantastic. Mamma Mia was hilarious. If I wasnt laughing at the movie, I was laughing at Miss R sitting next to me, laughing herself silly. What great therapy at the end of a busy and at times tough week.


My goal to compete again is a bit on the back-burner for now. I'm working through some stuff on an emotional level and considering some of the logistics too. I call this my "thinking time" and when I've worked things out it'll be "doing time". Plus my running training is my priority now. I'm quietly determined to tick off all the days and sessions and then see how I go on the day. I still have no idea about what time I want to do it in. My only goal is to run the distance and not have to take a walk break.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Fantastic job on the run this morning Magda and your 5k times are really coming down. You will have a ball at the City - Bay. The atmosphere is amazing...

Cheryl D said...

Great run! TC used to call me Cliff Young when we ran. I had no idea she was paying me out at the time. LOL. Seems I have trouble running for the bus these days. I might be walking the 1/2 City - Bay this year. Maybe even a Cliff Young shuffle.

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy. Because my training has been so inconsistent its been hard to see a notable improvement but at least I'm taking steps forward now.

Hi Cheryl. I've been a Cliff Young Shuffler for a long time and it takes a HUGE effort to run faster and I certainly feel it but I'm doing it and I'm happy with my efforts. (You should have seen me on Sunday though - absolutely beetroot red - and I have 6 weeks of training to go.