Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well the DOMS came today as expected and gave me the nice feeling of a bodybuilders high. Whats that you ask. Well its a few things like: DOMS setting in after a hard weights session, cardio done and dusted for the day - you're tired after the effort you put in, food all clean and on plan, drowning in water LOL. I dont use many supps but for those that do, they're another qualifier for the high feeling.

WH cant believe that I have utilised the exercise room two nights in a row. "What is going on?" he says. Oh and the "happy juice" (aka protein shakes) are back on the menu (post training). Its just like the good old days.

Today I talked to my fellow running friend at work to share my experiences with training for the City 2 Bay. On her recommendation I'm going to ramp up my "steady paced" intervals tomorrow to see how I go. 3 minutes steady pace with 3 minutes recovery pace should be manageable. All up, I think its a 40 minute session.

Two days to go before I finish my current job. I'm very busy at work but am crossing things off my To Do list. Bring on Friday when I get a day off.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Thats fantastic Magda, I love that feeling

Magda said...

Thanks Kristy. Its great isnt it.