Monday, August 11, 2008


Today's run was an easy paced 25 minutes which was bliss after trying to push myself to run with some speed for 45 minutes yesterday. I was a bit surprised to find my average pulse rate today at 150bpm which is quite high. I didnt feel as though I was working that hard but thats the reading I had. It made me wonder just how aerobically fit I am or am NOT right now. I'm now running 4 x / week with 2 longer runs and 2 shorter. Other aspects of my lifestyle could certainly be better and if I was 5-10kgs lighter than that would be in my favour as well. I'm certainly noticing niggly aches and pains in my legs which I've not had before and the message they're sending is quite explicit.

Yesterday's run was annoyingly slow and I just cant break past the barrier which says "longer runs = slower pace" in order to survive. Lots of thoughts went through my head as to why my running performance was SO ordinary and I think that about 80% of it comes back to diet which is the aspect of my lifestyle that could certainly be better - or at least consistent. Lately I've gotten onto the "celebrating this, celebrating that" merry-go-round again and so fat-loss progress has been zilch.

Which has left me realising that maybe training myself (other than the City 2 Bay training program I'm following) isnt such a good idea. Evidence is showing that I'm not as highly self motivated and dedicated as I thought I was and that guidance, structure, accountability and support from an independent person is critical to my success.

Hmmm food for thought.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Thanks Magda, for your feedback on my coach. After your comment it makes sense to have someone to keep me focussed and heading in the right direction, especially since he really isn't very expensive for 12 weeks. After October I might see if he has a special price if I sign up for 6 months...

I hope you find a coach in your area...


Magda said...

Your welcome Kristy. I believe that coaches are a good use of money, especially if you find a good one that "works" for you. I'll probably look for on-line training again but am just weighing up some options right now.