Sunday, August 10, 2008


... on a few different levels.

This afternoon we had our good friend Mr G around for a BBQ with his kids. So why sadness? Well about 2 years ago Mr G was married to Mrs S and we were like best friends. They are Godparents to our BS and we are Godparents to their BS. Perfect!!

Then they split up.

And tonight Mr G leaves Adelaide to live on the Gold Coast and at the end of September he is remarrying.

Now dont get me wrong. I'm completely happy for him. The break-up was VERY hard on him (it wasnt his wish by any stretch of the imagination) but he met somebody else, fell in love again and is starting a new life. So my sadness is totally selfish. I miss the good old days when the four of us would get together and have the BEST times (evidenced by the photo above taken at my 40th). Life is very different now.
I ran this morning after some internal deliberations around whether to risk the weather or not. Eventually I did and I only got rained on lightly and briefly but it was COLD and windy and I was slow. I started timing myself over 5kms but accidentally turned the stopwatch off when it rained so I have no record for this week but I could tell that I was slower than last week. I'm convinced that I'm not built for speed and my goal is just to run the 12kms and not have to walk any of it.
I was having some interesting conversations with myself during the run too, but I think thats another post in itself. Maybe tomorrow.
Cheers all

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