Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Does anybody else eat weird food?

I’m not a fussy eater with my list of “never eats” being quite short actually. So sometimes my meal concoctions are “unusual”. Last Friday’s was a disaster that I’ll be careful to NOT repeat. It was embarrassing to say the least.

I love red cabbage and had some already cooked in a little home made chicken stock. I also had some snapper fillets that I had cooked with a bit of low salt lemon pepper seasoning. So I put a hot-pack of cabbage, fish and brown rice together. I didn’t think there’d be anything wrong with it. Well I heated it in the microwave at work and people from the other end of the floor started protesting loudly about the smell. (I swear it was no worse than the smell of tuna and lots of people have tuna regularly). Well the reaction to it (the smell) was so negative that I was too embarrassed to open the container all the way up and eat my meal. I ducked out to Subway and bought a roasted chicken sub with heaps of salad instead.

Today I had brussel sprouts which I have discovered a new love for since preparing to compete last year. With them I had beef chevaps (lean skinless sausages, quite spicy in flavour) left over from a BBQ on Saturday. I add a little flaxseed oil and its just delicious. Nobody complained of the smell today although I would have got strange looks if they’d seen what I was having.

WH often looks at my food and rolls his eyes but the absolute best was one week out from comps last year when breakfast was green veg and lean protein. I tried to eat these meals away from him but by the last one I just didn’t care anymore and ate it in front of him. Well I just gave him the “death stare” and cut him off before he could even start on that one. Mind you, in hindsight I agree that chicken/tuna with green veg is NOT an inspiring breakfast choice.

Do you have any weird food stories to share?



RaeC said...

Try too many to list!! But some of the strange ones have been...

Can of tuna out of my Aunty's cupboard at Nan's wake while everyone else was eating cakes and pastries.

Can of tuna with a bunch of raw asparagus straight out of the shopping bag in a pinch.

Cold egg white omelet at a morning work branch meeting while everyone else was having muffins, etc. because I was too hungry to wait until I got to work to heat it up.

That last one got some strange looks, but I have given the new guys I sit near at work a taste of their own medicine. I got the usual 100 questions fired at me every time I ate, so when they came back to their desk with food I would turn it back on them and fire at them with "What are you eating? What's in it? Why are you eating that? Where did you get it from?" etc. Needless to say they no longer ask me about mine... LOL!!

Have a great day xxx

Splice said...

Hey Mags!
I don't have any weird food stories, just popped in to see you :-)
Deb xx

Pip said...

I have a few!

A new guy I've met once, and we kinda text every couple of nights, (new for me, maybe we don't hate eachother LOL) but he has asked me what I'm having for tea. I haven't been as descriptive as follows, (just chicken and salad will do!)

In reality quite alot of my yummo 'on track' meals are odds and ends. Like 60g lean chicken strips, a blob of cottage cheese, some lettuce leaves, a small chopped nectarine, a few green grapes, a raw carrot, some microwaved cooked crunchy broccoli and or asparagus, a few halved cherry tomatoes, 6 crushed natural almonds and a blob of natural yoghurt and even a small blob of tomato sauce on the vegie side of the plate! Or variations of similar! Lunch, tea or brekkie sometimes!


Charlotte Orr said...

Spinach, avocado, kiwifruit and lime protein shake.

Hope you have a great time with your family over the next few days.