Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have enjoyed the morning off work today as its my gorgeous son’s 6th birthday. While he busied himself with his birthday present I did my training (shoulders/bis + low/moderate intensity cardio on my exercise bike). I then made choc fleck cupcakes for tonight’s birthday dinner with the family. BS has requested that they be decorated with Smarties. He’ll get his wish :-)

Then I raced around doing tidying, cleaning, my food prep and prying BS off his activity of choice. My MIL arrives from the Sunny Coast this arvo. We have some busy days ahead and I’m looking forward to it all.

I’m feeling surprisingly calm, in control and positive about handling this potentially dangerous time well. Social occasions usually see me hoeing into lots of nibbly snack foods, alcohol and then meals which are way more than what I need. I’m aiming for moderation not perfection. I think I’ll do ok as my focus and perspective is now different.

I hope to get on and post some pics but I suspect my time on the computer will be limited over the next few days. Hope everyone is travelling well and handling challenges and curve balls with strength and confidence.

Cheers all



Hilary said...

Happy Birthday to your son!! Hope he enjoys his birthday dinner, and hope you enjoy the next couple of days.

Hilary xx

Michelle said...

I hope your son had a great birthday.

Raechelle said...

Wow Magda-living and loving -good for you-
Check my site for the gory details!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you son had a lovely birthday

RaeC said...

You've been tagged by me also!! See my blog for all the gory details xxx

Antigone said...

A late birthday wish for your son :)
I hope that your social time has been fun and enjoyable :)
Have a great weekend :)