Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Would you believe that I now have a bad case of TOM. I had 2 easy months with no p pain and this month it feels like I have 3 months worth. I slept badly last night and decided to turn my alarm off so as to get a bit more sleep as I have a long country drive today. So I missed my shoulders/bis weights session and will have to improvise with a resistance band workout in my hotel room tomorrow morning. I also missed doing cardio last night due a recurrence of the runs. Foiled at every turn :-(

Eating is still ok though. Its not been perfect but if the last few days were the worst that it got then I'd be VERY happy with it all. Going out for dinner tonight will be a bit of a test - especially as there'll be a group of us.

Well must sign off as we'll be heading off soon.

I have a bit more to post about my comp prep but will save it for when I have more time.

Cheers all



Raechelle said...

oooohhhh-I hope things turn around for you Magda-that all sounds yucky!
Hope dinner agreees with you and you start feeling better soon!

Lisa said...

Are you taking Evening Primrose oil as well as fish oil?


Magda said...

Thanks Raechelle,feeling much better now. Just a bit tired from travel, not eating clean for a few meals and out socialisning last night. Serves me right I guess.

Lisa, I've never taken EPO as I've never had any trouble with TOM. I'm one of the very few women who dont suffer PMT and rarely get p pain or can get all the relief I need from 2 Nurofens. This month is out of the ordinary for me. I've heard its really good though so maybe I should take it as a guarantee.