Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This fantastic picture was taken at my 40th (almost 5 years ago!!) and the only special girlfriend missing from the shot is Miss J (my SIL). From L - R there is Miss E (bestest friend), Miss S (Godmother to my BS), me of course with champagne in hand and Miss R (longest serving GREAT friend).
Last night I caught up with Miss R and want to share what a beautiful and special person she is.
We have been friends since I was 14 and she was 16 (yep thats now over 30 years!!). I've seen Miss R go from a happy but fat size 16 teenager to an anorexic marathon runner (her own words!!) who comfortably wore a size 8. Many years have passed from there to now and she is now a comforatble size 10-12 maintaining a nice weight that has her looking slim. She is obviously happy in her skin and just knows how to eat to happily stay at that weight. She is an inspiration.
Miss R has one of the loveliest, outgoing, positive, warm and friendly personalities you could imagine. In her 20s she travelled the world ON HER OWN, never worried about being on her own as she would just meet some-one with a big happy "Hi I'm R" and the conversation would flow. Many men have swooned over her and there were many proposals before she married her man who she describes as her best friend and her rock. In our eyes they are an unusual match as he is much quieter and reserved but I guess you cant have 2 shining lights together. As they say, opposites attract.
We dont see each other often and there have been times when several months have passed in between our get-togethers but it makes absolutely no difference. We pick up where we left off with never any ill-feeling or that usual "you never call me / well you never call me either". After not seeing each other for a while we just sit down and talk and talk and talk.
And thats what we did last night over a glass of wine, then dinner and then coffee afterwards. It was a lovely night and the catch up was great.
I'm so lucky to be blessed with the greatest friends. There arent many that I place in the "greatest" category - some I'm just not that close to but these special ladies are just that. If I was ever in need of anything I know that each and every one of them would be there for me - no matter what. What more could a girl ask for?

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