Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well today I gave in and bought myself a pair of jeans that fit me now. (Insert somewhat depressed sigh). I wasnt going to as I'm determined to get back into my everyday size 11s but its been a while since they last fit and I decided I could survive no longer without at least one pair of jeans. I saw some on sale in Katies (I usually NEVER shop there) and just to ease my pain the sizing was huge and I fitted into a size 10. In a wierd way this makes me feel a bit better - but the reality is that I'm nowhere near a true size 10 now.

But I'm on the way!! This morning I trained chest and tris and had some nice improvements in weights lifted on 3 of the exercises. I followed that up with a half hour moderate intensity cardio and my favourite oat/protein pancake for breakfast. The day was off to a good start :-)

BS and I had a few things to do including buying his winter school shoes, a nice winter outfit for him, my jeans and some casual winter clothes for him too. Lucky boy!! We had lunch out and I enjoyed a Mediterranean Chicken Salad which would have been nice if the poor chicken breast strips werent so overcooked. At least it was fairly clean even with a little feta and some olives in it. I could have done a lot worse.

WH is out at the soccer tonight so after BS had gone to sleep I snuck in 20 minutes each on the rower and bike. Now I've somewhat made up for the lack of cardio yesterday and I'm feeling good with a diet yogurt in me for PWO refuelling. Soon it'll be a quick shower and then bed to finish reading Oxygen (with Rosa Marie Romero on the cover). What a great read that mag is and I've especially enjoyed the feature on fit women who are over 40. Their stories were truly an inspiring read. I hope mine is too one day.

Cheers all



Splice said...

Sounds like your doing really well Mags :-)
Keep up the great training.
Deb xx

Magda said...

Thanks Deb,

I'm in a good place right now and training hard and lovin it. Now to just make this last LOL.