Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yep I was off today as well and could really get used to this life of no work and time to do all the things I want to. Shame that I'd have no money for anything so hi ho hi ho its off to work I go ... well next Monday anyway.

Today's cardio was a short and sweet sprint session. Just 10 repeats of 100m sprint / 100m recovery walk. Add the warm up jog and the jog back home and it was just over 20 minutes. Shame my legs were sore (from Monday night) and a bit tired but after the 2nd repeat they fired up ok.

Today Miss S (BS's Godmother) looked after my boy while I had my training session with Joe. We skipped legs today and did back and abs. Joe pushed me to my limit and I felt like I gave 100%, especially as I could hardly get off the floor at the end of abs when the session ended. We also talked about a slight change to my training as I have a new goal for this year. I'll devote a post about that over the weekend.

I then headed back to Miss S's for lunch with her and the kids (I took my PWO meal with me) before heading off to do grocery shopping. Typically today I got the trolley from hell and with my upper body thrashed to death I was struggling BIG TIME!! I forgot to mention that I have a bout of DOMS in my pecs and a little in my tris so everything from the waist up is mighty sore and fragile right now :-)

No double cardio today. I honestly feel like I've trained enough and now good food and rest are on my "must do" list. Looking forward to the Anzac Day holiday tomorrow and then a nice weekend to follow. The Adelaide Figure Girls are brunching on Sunday so that'll be a real treat.

Cheers all and enjoy the day off tomorrow but dont forget the significance of it.



Hilary said...

Ahh the bliss of having days off!! How nice would it be to be a lady of leisure!!! (although I do recall it gets old pretty quickly!)

Sounds like you are training hard and enjoying it. Have fun on Sunday!

Hilary xx

Lisa said...

Hi Magda
You've inspired me to get back to my next period of weight training (i've had a week off). This is what long weekends are made for - right?

Kristy said...


You sound like you are doing really well with your training and back on track with nutrtion. Well done and keep up the great work.

Hope you have a great long weekend :)

Antigone said...

SOunds like you are on fire with your workouts! Thats great I bet you are all fired up for comp now:)
Have a great weekend hun :)

Magda said...

Hilary I'd love the chance to test the theory of the life of leisure getting old pretty quickly LOL. I did it once for a few of months (when we moved to Brissie) but all my time was taken up with my son who was 2 years old then. I'd like to try it now that he's in school.

Lisa get straight back into it. Nothing beats a solid 100% effort weight lifting session - except maybe an awesome cardio session (which I love just that little bit more).

Kristy I think I've found my groove and will post more about it soon.

Em stay tuned for more on that (ther comps) soon.