Tuesday, April 08, 2008


..... I've been travelling well .....

......except for a serious dose of the runs LOL :-0

Basically it goes like this: I eat. About 1-2 hours later my stomach goes crazy. I'm racing to the toilet.

After a day of it yesterday it eased off today and I went to work and now its back again (that was timed badly!!) and I'm just waiting to see what happens and if I can do the cardio esession I was planning tonight. I'm ok with my weight training as I tackled that early today but it looks like cardio will suffer again this week.

On the bright side though, a good clean out is guaranteed to get rid of any bloating and my weight is back to where it was at the end of my first week so the subsequent gain is now gone. I dont feel sick with it but it is a bit annoying.

Tomorrow I'm travelling for work with my boss and staying away overnight. All routine out the door with meals and training so it'll be an interesting challenge to see how well I can stay on track - or how little damage I can get away with. If I was going alone I'd be more confident that I'd manage it better but hey we cant have too many things going our way now, can we?

Once again I have a decent case of legs DOMS but this time its mainly in the glutes which I guess is a really good thing. I hope that means that I'm hitting my glutes hard and will be rewarded with some better shape this year. My "pancake butt" last year let me down a bit so that is my focus in training this year.

KRISTY: Your suggestion about forcing the internet to update worked and I've briefly taken advantage of it but with things so busy at work I rarely get on these days. (Lisa from SA and Raechelle were interested in this also)

LISA (PL): I'm looking further into the sugar detox. One of my fave meals post workout though is oats, egg whites, cinnamon, soy protein + Splenda made into a pancake and served with banana (or apple grated into the pancake mix), sugar free maple syrup and LSA. I'm wondering how I could make a sugar AND artificial sweetener free version of this. Everything else I'm confident I could ditch but this is a meal that I really love.

Thank you too to Em, Kristy and Lisa for your support and advice after my last post. I'm the sort of person who reads/hears something, processes it, stores it, recalls it, ponders it, analyses it and eventually the pieces fall into place and I can see "the light". I may be in a long dark tunnel but there is a small dim light at the end just within my view and I'm moving towards it.

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Magda I'm really glad that internet suggestion worked :)

Sounds like your doing well, sorry to hear about your upset stomach :(

Hope your better soon

Lisa said...


Don't ditch your carbs post work out. Your body needs them, but keep them clean. Honey or fruit.

No splenda.