Sunday, April 27, 2008


I was training Chest and Tris this afternoon and could see out the back window as it was raining. Then I noticed the small white balls coming down in the rain. OMG .... HAIL!! BS was highly amused asking what it was LOL. There was heaps of it too, covering the lawns and garden beds. It was awesome. So its been understandably cold today but I've been so busy with domestic chores, training and more domestic chores that I havent really felt it.

I made roast beef tonight and had some nice lean slices of it for dinner with steamed brocolli and a small serve of roasted pumpkin (done in minimal olive oil). It was a nice meal and WH was particularly happy as he also got yorky puddings and gravy with his. I (easily) passed on these not so clean food options.

I hope the rain holds off tomorrow morning so I can get out for a run. Its been a while and I'm itching to get hot and sweaty :-)

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Isn't the rain great Magda, but makes it a little hard to time things. I was really happy this morning on my sprints as I only got a little drizzle at the end, plus a rainbow half way through. After this it poured down :)

Magda said...

Yes I'm quite enjoying the wet and cold weather now. I probably wont by the time winter really sets in though. Good work on your sprints Kristy.