Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I’m loving training with Joe at Adelaide Health and Fitness. Last Friday we did some heavier leg work before caning my back again. It was great to load a bit extra onto the bar and push out some nice deep squats. Joe was happy with them too. Then it was single legged leg press and I was feeling it … nicely. The Smith Machine is one of my favourites and I supersetted calf raises (YAWN – waste of time for me as I have well developed calves anyway) with lunges. Now here is where I really got my money’s worth. Apparently my lunge technique is awful and Joe pulled me up on it and corrected it. So with this new way to lunge (butt tucked under and hips tilted slightly forward) I was discovering new sensations and new muscles working.

We realised that my poor technique was a result of my generally weak glutes, poor hip mobility and stemmed from all the trouble I have with everything muscular between my waist and knees. I cant even blame it on my lower back any more as its far more than that.

So last night I trained legs at home and stripped my lunges back to the bare minimum aiming for perfect technique and they still hurt like mad. No wonder I was in agony after lunging incorrectly with 10+ kgs on my DBs. I know I’m on the right track now so I can begin to overload gradually so as not to compromise form and not cause unnecessary injury.

Anyway back to the session with Joe and after week 2 I had another bout of DOMS in my lats which I’m seriously loving. I thought I trained myself hard last year but this year “hard” has taken on a new meaning when I train with Joe.

On a more mundane level though I’ve had another night of poor sleep where I’ve been awake since 4am and couldn’t train this morning due to family circumstances. I’m catching up with a friend tonight so it’ll either be a very quick late training session tonight or a longer session tomorrow. I’m tired and would kill for a solid 10 hour sleep (like that’s ever going to happen!!). Oh well at least I’ve got tomorrow and Thursday off work. YIPPEE!!

Cheers all



Cat said...

It sounds like you are making fantastic progress, well done.

Hope tonight is a better nights sleep for you.

Lisa said...

Sounds great Magda - I really must start focusing on form in my lunges too - I hate doing them so I'm sure I take the easy way out.

Magda said...

Slow progress Cat but progress nevertheless :-)

Lisa my form was shocking but when I corrected it and lunged with NO weights I felt it in all the RIGHT places. Legs have DOMS again :-)

Cheers guys