Saturday, April 26, 2008


OMG can my titles get any more unoriginal LOL??

Well here's the lowdown.

Last night we had rain. Such an unusual sound that when I woke up during the night (as I usually do) it kept me awake. Grrrrr!! Then BS decided that today HE WOULD SLEEP IN. WTF??!! So I'm up reading the paper, having my hot lemon drink, mosying and pottering waiting for him to be up at any minute so I can get his breakfast and then train. It was almost 8 when he got up. By then I was quite hungry (after reading KatieP's post today I will eat as soon as I get up in future) but got stuck into my shoulder session followed by just 20 mins on the exercise bike. Thats all I had time for as I was getting my nails done at 10.

However before lunch I did 25 mins on the rower which was a nice round of cardio again. I chose the hardest program and did 3 rounds of it with my abs very sore from Thursday and my upper body still quite sore and tired. I ran out of time to have an afternoon nap.

So good training again today and I purposely left out bis due to lack of time + after Thursday's caning I didnt think they needed another round so quickly.

We went to the movies in the late afternoon and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. BIZARRE!! But funny and quirky and a bit different. It made us laugh and we both enjoyed it. Then we went to Mondo on The Parade at Norwood and had a nice dinner where I chose fairly wisely AND DIDNT STUFF MYSELF!! Woohoo!! Feeling really good right now I'm pleased to say.

After an awful spike in my weight after last weekend, I'm pleased to say that its back down to the number I never want it to be higher than. Its still too high at this absolute upper limit but not as bad as when it was 4+ kgs more. AAAAARGH!!

One more day of this lovely long weekend to enjoy and I hope to blog again tomorrow after the Figure Girls brunch.

Take care all and cheers from



Kristy said...

Magda, you are doing a really great job yourself with cardio + weights and nutrtion.

The movie sounds really good. I have been wanting to see that one so might go see :)

Magda said...

I hope you dont embarass easily Kristy. It had quite a lot of sexual references and even some FF male nudity but it was funny :-)