Friday, April 04, 2008


I hope some IT Guru can answer this question for me.

My blogger address is saved in my list of favourites on Internet Explorer at work. During my lunchtime I often hop in and catch up on my favourite blogs and sometimes update mine then as well.

I also have a few other sites I like to visit including Craig Harper and The Daily Motivator.

What I've noticed is that since March 27th none of my blog sites have any postings from that date. Not mine, not any from my list not Craig's site and not even on The Daily Motivator.

Has work blocked them in some way since that date? I can still get into all the blogs/sites but there is nothing after that date.

I work for a large government department and I'm sure that they could track all internet usage if they wanted to but can they block info in this way or is it something else that I just havent thought of?

Please help if you know the answer or have experienced similar yourself.




Lisa said...

I'm not quite that IT savvy, BUT i have exactly the same problem and I work for a large government organisation in SA also - have been suspecting the same issue for the last few weeks. Email me on
I'm interested to see if we work for the same one!

Kristy said...

Magda try pressing ctr F5 to force it to download the latest up to date page on one of the blog page that isn't up to date. Sometimes it can cahce the page and not download the latest update... Normally if they block a site you get a notice saying access is denied...

Love to hear how you go :)

Magda said...

Lisa I have emailed you :-)

Kristy I'll try that on Monday. Thanks heaps :-) I'll let you know how I go.



Raechelle said...

hmmmm....interesting-sounds like big brother at work? Which wouldn't really be surprising with a government job.
Can't help but am curious to know if you find a solution.

Lisa said...


Sounds like your PC has cached that date in memory.

Open the blog and hit "refresh"