Sunday, January 31, 2010


In the spirit of what I started last year I'll continue to do my monthly assessment and report. Its as much to get me reflecting on how I'm going and identifying any areas that need addressing, as it is sharing my trials and tribulations with the blogging world. So here goes.

Well Januray got off to the best possible start. Holiday in Sunshine Beach with Peter and our son, a little time spent with the in-laws, running almost daily, eating good food, kicking back and just enjoying life to the max. Mentally I was in the best ever place. I made the decision that this year I'd run a half marathon and I was pumped about it and threw myself into my training with gusto.

The decision to take on the half marathon played with my head a little and I srtarted to have all sorts of doubts about what I should and shouldnt be eating to support this new form of training. I dabbled with extra carbs but wasnt convinced that they were necessary. This was confirmed and some readjusting was in order. But my mind had settled itself into a headset of "gee I'm training so much and so hard that I can afford the extra treats". Its been tough (and still is) to stop thinking that way.

I'm now totally passionate about running. When my training is a run, I look forward to it with eagerness. If its something else I'm not as keen but I plan to keep up weight training for my upper body. I just need to remember that when I've completed a weights sesssion I feel great then also. It really comes down to "just doing it". I'm loving my long runs as every time I clock up a decent time I quietly congratulate myself for doing something I never ever thought I could or would.

As part of my monthly assessment I do weigh myself just to keep a check on things. The number this morning had crept up by 1.7kgs from when I weighed mid month. Ok some of it would be water weight from having dinner out last night but nevertheless I have decided that its time to put the oars back in and start paddling. If I dont want to feel like baby elephant as I run that 21.1kms then that number needs to come down. So its less treats, less alcohol and eating with more awareness over the coming weeks and months and I'll be fine. I know my gain isnt serious fat (I still fit comfortably into my size 10s) but better to be on top of it now than to be struggling to get into my clothes and then wondering what happened.

So thats been January in a nutshell. Fantastic start. Then a bit wobbly but hoping to be sailing smoothly again in February.

This week is a light training week with no sprint work and my longest run is 1 hour which funnily enough is almost in the "easy" category. I've also warned Peter that I'll be cutting right back on my wine consumption and keeping other treats in check is just up to me. I will continue to: not weigh my food; not record my food; not stress about macros or calories; not follow a set diet and just enjoy eating and training. I choose to be a happy person. I choose to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. I choose to do it all my way because in the end , its all up to me.

Cheers all



Shar said...

Loving reading about your passion for running Magda.

A great Jan and start to the year, the wobbles come and go. Here's to a Fab Feb!!!

Shar x

Charlotte Orr said...

I like that last para Magda. Great to see you doing things on your own terms.

Kerry W said...

Nice monthly review Magda. You've given me some ideas. I like the monthly review thing. Might be the way to go. So much can happen day-to-day, week-to-week. You seem to keeping on top of things, including how you're looking at the world. I look forward to next month's review.

ciao :)

Pip said...

Nice work for Jan Magda!

I've just copied your idea and have done a Jan roundup for myself on my blog.

Keep up the great work and heres to a top Feb!

Pip :-)

Magda said...

Thanks guys.

:-) M