Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today I had the pleasure of walking to work and coupled with some thinking time last night and  a re-read of some of my most pertinent blog posts from last year (I wont link to them as there were quite a few) I've got my head sorted and I know that all will be good.

I was travelling comfortably along the highway of life, cruise control turned on and just enjoying the ride. But where was that ride taking me? Nowhere special. I was just travelling along.

Then I came to a fork in the road and I had the choice to either continue on my happy but "going nowhere special" route or to take a more challenging road that would lead to achievement, reaching special goals and all the great feelings that go with knowing you took on a challenge and conquered it. Yep I took the latter option as it just felt right and I will live by my life motto "Dont die wondering, what if?"

But in taking this new path  things changed. The road became bumpy with twists and turns that I hadnt encountered for some time. Travelling with the cruise control on just wasnt going to work. I had to concentrate on navigating and utilising driving skills that I hadnt used for some time. The bumps were big and they threw me around. I skidded through some of the turns and spun out on a couple of the twists. I managed to avoid a crash but only through awareness that things had to change and I'm now employing a slightly different set of driving skills to get me to my goal. I'm going to be ok.

Looking back over what I learned from my SP I realise that over the last week or so I had lost all sense of just what food is. Emotions ran amok and I was back to my bad old habits. My lightbulb moment came when I re-read my blog from September last year:

I'm ready to tackle the "non-diet approach" to getting my body lean and healthy. I call it the "mind right approach" because that'll be my weapon of choice in this venture.

Matti (SP) showed me how to avoid binging. When I left her I had the tools and I knew how to use them now its just up to me to use them regularly. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Over the coming weeks and months I want to shift my focus from the numbers on the Metal Monster or the numbers on the tape measure to how I feel instead. My goal is to eat nutritious food that I love the taste of but that also leaves me feeling good, both physically and emotionally. Oh and that includes treats. If I meet a friend for a long overdue catch up then I'll have a wine with her. This is me and this is what I love. I will not weigh or measure my food (unless its for a recipe). I will not log on Calking or mentally calculate calories, fat grams etc (I never did anyway - I was an obsessive logger). I will not religiously record everything I eat and drink and what time I had it etc etc. The road ahead may be bumpy and full of twists and turns but I vow to give this a damn good go.

And thats what its all about for me. There is a shade of grey in between the strict and restrictive diet and the totally intuitive eating where you are absoluetly free from all the crap and negativity that goes with food and diets. I've lived and been very happy there before so its time to reclaim my place and get on with life and achieveing the goals I've set myself.


Charlotte Orr said...

Great stuff!

Kristy said...

Great review Magda, it can be good to go back sometimes and review your posts.

I know once I move I am going to sort myself out. At the moment I am just trying to concentrate on eating when hungry and will look at the food I am eating later on. I am too stressed I don't even feel like eating. Nothing bad, but I will write a post later on about cottage stuff :)

Magda said...

Thanks Charlotte.

Yes Kristy, all will settle down for you after the move. Glad to hear that the handover went well and your move is just days away. Very exciting.

:-) Magda

Kerry W said...

Great post Madgda! It's great to look back isn't it? Sometimes it's easy to cruise along and forget where you've come from, or what you've done. So reviewing can sometimes remind us of promises we've made to ourselves and helps us to regain clarity.

Well done! It goes to show that those newfound skills (through SP) you are putting to the task, and they're worth the time taken to learn them. :)