Sunday, January 17, 2010


For some time I've been thinking that the old "Fitness Fun and Figure" wasnt really me anymore. Fitness - yes. Fun - yes but Figure is no longer my focus and so it was time for an update to reflect whats important in my life now. So this is my new look and my new focus when it comes to fitness.

I am now a distance runner and I'm training for my first half marathon to be run on 18 April - just 13 weeks away. I have the legendary Pat Carroll coaching me so that I have the best possible chance of achieving my goal. I'm keen. I'm determined. I'm quietly confident that I can do it - and maybe even somewhat reasonably well.

This change in my focus extends beyond the basics of the physical activity and training environment. I used to throw on any old clothes and my iPod, rock into my training room, put on the weight lifting gloves and tackle my weights program then down a protein shake and follow it up with a meal of protein and carbs. Now I put on my Skins compression tights, a sports bra and runnng shoes, my heart rate monitor and my iPod and I'm out the door (often in the dark). I always head off in the same direction but vary the route to avoid boredom. My running time is my "me time". Although I listen to music, I also use the time to think, to reflect and to plan. I give thanks for the dawning of a new day and the privelege of witnessing it. I greet other runners and walkers with a smile and a "good morning" and I love it when they return the greeting.

Slowly I will be overhauling my diet (read that as "what I eat" as opposed to a "restrictive eating plan") to better complement my running training. Since competing I have followed a diet quite high in protein, with moderate levels of fats and carbs. Often my carb intake was quite low because I was stuck in the comp diet mentality of carbs = excess body fat but conversely I was a lot more relaxed about eating good fats.

Whilst I will NOT succumb to a strictly regimented nutrition plan prescribed by somebody else (no matter how well qualified they are to issue it), I have been reading up on nutrition for endurance athletes and there are some changes that I'll need to make. I'll write more about these along my journey but I can say right now that carbs are my new best friend and fats have to be watched more closely. Protein must always stay on the menu but not in the large ratios that I was previously consuming. The bottom line is that good, clean food is a must and is my choice anyway but getting my carbs in at the critical times will be really important.

I plan to continue doing weight training for my upper body to maintain the muscle tone I have and I also plan to start doing some core strengthening work. I have 3 non-running days in which to do these so there is no excuse for any slacking off in that area either.

Finally, I will face the mental challenge of working towards another goal. Last year was one of finding myself, of letting go of old self destructive beliefs, habits and actions and choosing to live my life differently. This year I'll build on my newfound internal happiness by setting a challenge and giving it everything I've got. Once again I have the courage to aim high and not settle for life in my comfort zone and what a great feeling that is.

Cheers all



Vicki said...

Hey Magda, I like the new name :) Glad to hear that you are enjoying the new lifestyle and things are falling into place. And even better to hear you are putting together a plan for yourself, I think you are gonna do awesome!
Can't wait to follow the journey :)
Vic x

Gillian said...

You sound very focussed!! Enjoy the journey:) I look forward to hearing how it all goes.
I actually go to a sports dietician which really helps me with my eating.

Kerry W said...

WOW MAGDA! What a turn-a-round from last year. Positive changes - a new direction, a new feeling and superfocused! You're going to have a stellar year, and I look forward to reading all about it! :)

Magda said...

Thanks Vicki. This is the happiest I've felt for a LONG time so it all feels right.

Hi Gillian, I am pretty focussed because I love the sense of achieving a challenging goal. And trust me, running 21.1kms WILL be a challenge. I will blog some more about my eating soon.

Absolutely right Kerry. I feel really pasisonate about this and I havent felt like this for a long time. 2010 should be a beauty.


nicky said...


Miss Tank said...

EXCITING! Pat Carroll is a legend - you are learning from the best hey - no mucking around magda! LOVE the new look x

Lauren said...

You go girl!!! Your mind is set and the countdown is on. You can do anything you put your mind to Magda and to have Pat on your side is super awesome!!!!!!

P.S. I am enjoying the new look of your blog too!

Magda said...

Hi Nicky,

sorry I cant read your message but thanks for dropping by.

Hey Fern, I've only heard great things about Pat and I believe in working with the best. I really want to do well at this so I have to trust the experts.

Thanks Lauren, we may follow different sports but deep down I think we're all very similar in that we're driven and determined to be the best we can be. Its great to have these friendships with like-minded people.

Cheers all