Saturday, January 30, 2010


The day got off to an early start coz neither Peter nor I could manage a sleep in. This was actually a bonus as he headed out for his long run and I hit the weights for an upper body workout. Its funny how last Saturday I slept in and thought that was just the best thing. Yet it meant I missed my training, I felt like a slug all day, I ate poorly and then I felt awful. So where was the good in that sleep in??

I felt awesome after nailing my weights session. I was in a really great frame of mind and felt physically good. After taking my son to his swimming lesson and then dropping him at mum and dad's, I raced back to the area I live in to attend the auction for the house that Peter and I wanted. Well that wasnt meant to be. We missed out and we werent even close. So for us the search continues.

I feel a bit sad but I've learnt to shut my emotions down a bit as this is our 3rd let down. Maybe there is something great just around the corner? Time will tell.

Cheers all


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