Sunday, January 03, 2010


Now please note THIS IS NOT WHINGE NOR AM I COMPLAINING ABOUT THE HEAT because I absolutely love it but HOLY COW its so hot and humid here in the mornings. Today I set out to run around 7am and the sun was pelting down and the only breezes  I had were when I was tackling the killer hills and then I had a headwind. (Thanks Mother Nature! Nice to see you're on my side ...... NOT LOL). I was half planning to do an hour but would have given myself an out after 40 minutes if I felt I needed it. Well at the 30 minute mark I was close to home but would not cut it that short so off I went again up the killer hill and pressed on. Just me, my iPod shuffle, the beautiful surrounds, the sun and the humidity.

I ran for an hour like I've never run before due to the hills and the heat. I took about 4 little walk breaks of less than a minute each when the hills were just beating me. As soon as they levelled a little, I was running again. I arrived back to our apartment with sweat pouring out of every pore in my body. My HRM showed by heart rate was sitting at 135% (well over 200BPM) and it took over 18 minutes for it to come down. This is unheard of for me as I have pretty good cardio fitness and it takes about 2 minutes to go below 60% of my max. I leave my HRM on until I'm back under 60% of my max HR and today the total calories burned were 1254. HOLY F*UCK!!!!!

Man, did breakfast taste good after that??!! Today we're heading to Caloundra to meet up with a dear friend who now lives on the Gold Coast. It'll be nice to see him with his kids (they usually live in Adelaide with their mum) and I can feel a fun day ahead.

So on that note I have beach bags to pack and a boy to organise and bid you all farewell. Have a great day and I'll be back soon.




Sandra said...

Wow, Magda! sounds like one of the best runs you've ever had!
I would love to run...but just can't get the hang of it...hate that out of breath feeling.
Married to someone who absolutely loves running, we're going to try and get in some runs when we're away in a couple of weeks, see how I go.

Pip said...

Nice run Magda!!! Top job!

I luv the heat as well, - we got to a nice 39 degrees in Perth today! Had an awesome 16km bikeride to the beach, chilled water and a long dunk rocked after that. Had a good swim and body surf!

Then a bikeride home and a dunk in the pool at the apartments! I am a water chick at all times!

Pip :-)

HiramP said...

I thought it was hot here in Houston, Texas! Sounds like you had a great run to burn that many calories. Only thing to really watch exercising in the heat is to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can grab hold of you before you know it.

Have a great new year!


Magda said...

Hi Sandra, it sure was one of my awesome runs ever. Believe it or not, I'm actually not a good runner but my headset is "just keep going" and i like the challenge of running for longer times. My speed is crap though.

I'm with you Pip. Love the heat and love water (we are Cancerians of course and the true water baby of the zodiac).

Thanks HiramP. No risk of dehydration here. I drink well both before and after my runs and one hour is actually not too long - although I did lose a LOT in sweat. But was feeling good.